How I Work: The Hotkeys


So I know I said that the second part of this would be about tools but I changed my mind! We’re going to dive into my hotkey setup first. Software and tools will be the next post, I promise.

Hotkeys! They are great. For a very long time, I thought they were just for fancy people with a touch of OCD. I could get along just fine without them so please stop trying to tell me which ones to assign to where, person. I’m doing great! I’m plenty fast as it is! I’m still learning! I don’t have time to set it all up! It’s not broken, don’t fix it and so on.

Oh, how wrong I was. Hotkeys are the freaking best.


How I Work: The Hardware

How I Work

Welcome to the new blog! I finally decided to get a big girl website and here it is, in the flesh! I hope that you like it.

I’m a big fan of Lifehacker’s How I Work Series (and Lifehacker in general, actually), so I thought I’d start the blog off with something along those lines, but a bit more animation-centric. I figured I could go over the hardware I use, all the useful tools and plugins I’ve come across, how I set up my Maya hotkeys, and share other useful animation related resources that I use frequently. That’s going to be quite a lot of information, so I thought I’d split it up into a few different posts. First up: all the physical stuff I use. Let’s get started!